Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cheesy Vegetables

I created this dish out of desperation over what to do with some goat cheese that needed to be used. I loved the result & it became a summer mainstay for us.

I've labeled it as dairy-free because if you use the goat cheese & the feta, there would be no cow's milk in the dish. If you need to avoid all dairy, regardless of the source, you can disregard the label.


1 12 oz. bag frozen green beans
1 12 oz. bag frozen corn
Half of a 12 oz. bag frozen peas
4 oz. Goat cheese (creamy) or Cream cheese
2 oz. Sharp cheese of any kind (cheddar, parmesan, asiago, swiss, bleu, feta), diced or shredded
Salt & pepper to taste

Boil water for vegetables. (1 minute hands-on prep)
Dice or shred cheese if necessary. (2 minutes hands-on prep)
When boiling, add veggies & simmer until tender & cooked through. (2 mintues hands-on prep)
Drain veggies, put in large serving bowl, & stir in goat cheese (or cream cheese) until well mixed. (1 minute hands-on prep)
Stir in sharp cheese while veggies are still warm. Add salt & pepper to taste. (2 minutes hands-on prep)

Serving Suggetsions
Serve with chicken breasts, fish, burgers or veggie burgers.

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