Monday, March 17, 2008

Beef Stroganoff

A beef recipe? From me? Yep! I was lucky enough to pick up some grass-fed, grass-finished, free-range local beef last week & I've been thoroughly enjoying it. Check out this super-quick & super-easy stroganoff recipe:


Cooked beef (I cooked mine by dumping the plain steaks in the crockpot set on low for nine hours. 2 minutes hands-on)
Juice from the cooked beef, or canned beef broth
Flour to thicken
Buttermilk or sour cream or plain yogurt + salt for flavor
Egg noodles


Put on egg noodles to boil until tender. (2 minutes)

Put juice and a little buttermilk or sour cream in a saucepan set on high & quickly stir in flour, a TBLS. at a time, until it boils & thickens to your liking. You want just enough buttermilk or sour cream to lighten the broth to a medium brown color -- no more. (5 minutes)

Stir in cooked beef & heat through. (1 minute)

Serve mixture over cooked egg noodles. (1 minute)

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Cyndi said...

Nice simple recipe. I usually slice the beef into strips and dredge them in flour, brown in butter, add liquid & simmer. Some sauteed mushrooms and onions do a lot for stroganoff too. Yummm